Editorial Policies

This is a personal site, which means I have absolute control over the content. You will doubtless have noticed my disclaimer on every page:

My opinions are my own and don’t represent those of anyone else.

Not that anyone would want them :)

In other words, the opinions I express on this site don’t reflect the opinions of my employer or of anyone else; they’re all mine. And I reserve the right to change them.

I also reserve the right to change the contents of my site. I tend to make such changes clear in the text of FAQs in particular, and in blog entries. But I do edit blog entries, and my other pages, in an effort to make the text more readable and my argument easier to follow. I frequently update the site as I learn more, or new information is available. I change the “last updated” date on static pages that I’ve changed in a substantive fashion. If I edit a blog page for anything other than grammar, html errors, readability or spelling, I indicate that I’ve edited or updated the entry.

In an effort to protect my site from auto-generated comment spam, I close the comments on blog entries after about fourteen days. If you’d like to post a comment to an older (and now comments-disabled) entry, please email me at medievalist at digitalmedievalist dot com, and I’ll make commenting possible. Naturally, I reserve the right to remove comments at will, especially spam. I also reserver the right to disemvowel, edit, respond, quote and use, with attribution, in articles, books, and presentations.

The following statement is intended to provide the necessary data to comply with FTC directives.

There are reviews of books and software on this site. Most of the books and software I review on this site were purchased by me. Occasionally books or software may be provided to me as review copies or as time-limited beta software from publishers. This is particularly true of products reviewed for The Green Man Review.

Most books that are provided to me as review copies are Advanced Reading Copies, and are not for resale; they are in fact identified as such on the cover, and in the review, since there may be minor editorial changes to an ARC or an uncorrected galley, and the version offered for sale. Any books or other products that were provided by a publisher, retailer or distributor for review purposes are identified as such in the reviews. Otherwise, the book or product was purchased by me or a family member, or borrowed from a library.

I am not and have not been paid to review any books, media, software or Web sites on this site. I do link to a number of publishers, book stores and developers. I am an affiliate of Amazon and other retailers.

I reserve all right to my content. That said, I’m fine with quoting with attribution and a link. I’m not fine with people copying entire posts and pages. Please don’t do that. I’d like to keep updated versions live, and I can’t do that if you’ve copied an entire page or post. Also, taking without asking makes me cranky.

Posting on my site is tacit agreement to these policies.