Ryse, hyrd-men heynd

Angelus cantat «Gloria in excelsis»; postea dicat:

BL Add. Ms 34294, f.91Sforza Hours Annunciation to the Shepherds
A n g e l u s

920 Ryse, hyrd-men heynd,

For now is he borne

That shall take fro the feynd

That Adam had lorne;

That warloo to sheynd,
925 This nyght is he borne.

God is made youre freynd

Now at this morne,

He behestys.

At Bedlem go se
930 Ther lygys that fre

In a cryb full poorely,

Betwyx two bestys.

ll. 920–932. Secunda Pastorum. The Wakefield Master.
MS. HM 1, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California. c. 1450.

Image f. 91 The Sforza Hours. British Library

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